Some of the uses and benefits of private proxies

Many people must be familiar with the concept of private proxies. Generally, it is a special IP address assigned to a single client for use and he can use this to hide his original address from the public this IP address is assigned by the ISP and the primary benefit of this service is that it is assigned to a single person and he can use this according to his own choice. This can be shared with other people in the local community if a person wants to create a Private shared proxy. High speed, as well as the security, is made sure by the use of this special service. There are many other public proxy options also available but they do not ensure the safety of a person. Some of the following benefits should be considered by a person if he is going to choose private proxy for routine use.

Used for internet marketing

Most of the companies need to market their product and this can be done best if they have a high-speed data network that is reliable and secured in all the terms. Many companies use this service so that they can enjoy the speed without any disruption.


These private proxies are not like a cheap private shared proxy and have a complete security system. The anonymity of the proxy is made sure at every point. The identity of a person is kept confidential and the person can search at any given time without any problem. Even the websites like YouTube and FireIP work really well with the private proxies.


If anyone else is not authorized with the system, he cannot assess the services of a private proxy. There are two ways through which a person can be authorized. One way is to use the IP authentication. Only the person who has authority will get the work done. Another way is the use of username and password. If a private network is set in an office to share the private proxy or companies buy private shared proxy, they can set up the usernames as well as the password and then that password is given to only the authorized people. This will make it ensured that only those people have access to this service.

Separation from the outside networks

In the case of private proxies, the outside networks are not accessed and only the specific proxy is used to perform all the surfing. There is an intermediary computer that is acting as a proxy and it is used to hide the address of the person from other sites. The firewall server makes sure that the enterprise network is protected against the intrusion from outside. Between the internet service and the user, there is a proxy server that runs in between for the purpose of performing the entire task. A person can have protection against the HTTP protocols and a person can access the service without any restriction of geographical location.

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