Invention of Vending Machine

As discussed earlier, usage of vending machines are getting very common nowadays. It’ll be interesting to discuss the invention and early usage of these wonderful human-friendly machines.

Hero Alexandria is known as the first Greek engineer who invented the first vending machine in the first century of AD. The first vending machine was invented with simple functionality. That vending machine dispensed holy water at the deposit of a specific value coin. The coin fell down upon a pan attached to a lever. The lever opened a valve at the insertion of the coin which allows a specific amount of water to dispense out. In between, the pan continuously tilts around with the weight of the coin until it fell down at the point a counterweight snapped the lever up and turned the valve off.

That machine is written as the first idea of a vending machine in the history books. However, same like the other races of the life, some kind of modernization has been also witnessed in vending machines usage and functionality with the time being.

In this regard, much the advanced coin-operated vending machine has been invented in early 1615. That machine was responsible for dispensing out the tobacco at the insertion of a coin. The qualities apart these machines from the others, have been using in the past was the size, used material, and working quality. These machines were made of brass and were portable.

After those early days, the use of vending machines got increased in the civilized countries like England and so the inventions.

In 1822, An English bookseller Richard Carlile invented a newspaper dispensing the machine for the dissemination of banned works. However, Simeon Denham’s stamp dispensing machine was awarded as the first fully automatic vending machine in the history. That vending machine was devised in 1867.

Soon after, the first modern coin-operated vending machine was invented in the early 1880s in London, England. This machine is known as the first modern vending machine in the history, invented by Percival Everett in 1883. This machine was basically introduced for postcards, envelopes, and notepaper dispensing. However, because of its accurate functionality, it soon becomes a widespread feature at railway stations and at post offices.

This machine literally proves to be the milestone in the usage of vending machines and also, open the door of acceptance and reliability to the whole world.

After that successful experiment, various companies had started manufacturing such machines and spread them worldwide. The numbers keep moving upwards day by day and now there are thousands of companies dealing in vending machines.

These machines and their functionalities are seemed very simple today but just imagine about the period when people use to travel through camels and bulls. When the science and technology were not at their peaks and internet didn’t turn the world into a global village. In my opinion, it was such an awesome work done by our forefathers which proved to be the first step towards this modern era of science and technology.

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