Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trench coat – American Suits is now bringing you stylish clothing from your favorite Hollywood star and as well as TV stars. This time we are bringing something special for comic back fans in the shape of this stunning Guardians of the galaxy star lord leather jacket. This good-looking jacket is from the latest Marvel blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and it belongs to your favorite guardian Peter Quill, a role played superbly by Chris Pratt. Marvel Cinematic Universe has won the hearts of fans again by this new Guardians of the Galaxy movie in which Guardians came together again to fight a new extremely powerful villain and saves the universe again. This Ravager trench coat is worn by the star Chris Pratt in the movie on many occasions and he has totally rocked the jacket with his charm. So, if you are a fan of these galaxy savers heroes then this jacket is meant for you and you can rock it too.

This Peter Quill Trench coat offered by is a fine piece of work and it has been made very carefully. The jacket is available in two different kinds of stuff which includes faux leather and genuine sheepskin leather. The jacket which comes in sheepskin leather is tan color while the one that comes in faux leather is maroon color. The shoulders of the jackets are covered with leather patch especially the right side which is cover with a brown leather patch. It also has stripes in the back and on the front as well. The jacket has zipper closing so you can cover yourself up in cold weather. The texture and details of the coat are done very carefully and it resembles a lot with the one that was worn by Chris Pratt in the movie. Even if you are not a “Guardians of the Galaxy” fan you are still going to like this jacket.

So, if you are impressed by this jacket then you can get it right now on our website because we care about our customers and we develop trust with them. AmericaSuits has the finest quality Hollywood clothing and you can check our other products as well.


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