Spiritual ministration by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has a ministry that is encompassed by several arms to set the gospel reach as many people as possible. The primary divisions within his ministry include the healing school, LoveWorld and the missions for children as well. He is featured in many TV programs in the healing and miracles meetings which are organized under his ministry. The members within the ministry come across the globe since he has a good platform that enables him to pass the message of God to the far end of the world. The powerful ministration of his ministry has changed the lives of many Christians across the globe. Also, through his preaching, many have the opportunity to witness his miraculous ministration live on stage and via the new channel. The power of the spirit that manifest in the doctrine is glorious where many are transformed in the right realm of glory

One event that is carried out by his ministry has the possibility of carrying up to 2.5 congregations within a single meeting. His dedication to preaching and teaching the word of God has marked an enormous transformation in the world of Christianity by attracting many members to his ministry. The ministry has extended wings across the globe in holding the meeting of miracles and healing in the United Kingdom and the United States. Additionally, he has a healing school that is based in South Africa and Canada. Pastor Chris also runs the International School of Ministry.

What has marked the high achievement within the ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is has collaboration with his fellow, Pastor Benny Hinn in launching a TV channel that will see the broadcast of the teaching and ministration of the word of God through it. The channel is based in the United States and is set to cover a wider section of the region with its gospel teaching. Through the channel, programs that integrate the instruction of the bible and ministration of him are in the scheme of the broadcast.

As a world renowned Evangelist, he passes the word of God through many means such as books. He is the president of the LoveWorld and the Christ Embassy which is interwoven by its membership. His collaboration with Benny Hinn will place the gospel and Christianity in the United States within the required niche since it will enable the gospel to reach many states within a single session of teaching in the TV channel. The new gospel channel has been was launched in Olympusat cable TV in California.

This move by the two ministries will elevate the teaching of the word of God across the globe since it will be easier for him to run the channel after running the Christian satellite network that operates across Africa. Consequently millions of people will have easy access to the powerful messages of salvation that is delivered via the channel.

Christ Embassy which is a section of the LoveWorld which is under he made a huge impact by making expansion to the ministry teaching in South Africa conference which was attended by many guests during the event. Televangelism via the new channel is structured in a manner that encompasses all Christian denomination to bring prosperity to the gospel teachings.

As a matter of fact, Pastor Chris through the new channel will mark a new way of expanding Christianity teachings.

Chris Oyakhilome Starts Haven Nation To Give People Hope

Thirty years of experience in the world of ministry have helped Chris Oyakhilome to learn what needs to be done to reach those who are lost and hurting. He helped found Christ Embassy, which reaches many people all around the globe. He is involved in ministries that reach fifty countries, and he is always going somewhere new and spreading the message of hope and love. He is a man who is determined to reach as many people as possible, and he feels called to keep going on his ministries even though he has dedicated so much time to them already.

Chris Oyakhilome is a man who knows the importance of the gospel, and he wants as many people as possible to follow God. He is an author, and he is a speaker. He has been involved in all kinds of ministries because he is always trying something new, so that he can reach as many people as possible. He doesn’t care where he is or how large of a crowd he is preaching to, he just wants to be heard and to have people come to know and love the God he loves. One big thing that Pastor Chris has just started is a TV channel. He knew that he had to do something with TV if he wanted to keep getting more people to hear the message that he has to share. He partnered with another pastor to make the channel happen, and now it has gotten a good start. The channel is available in the USA, and it is also available online for people in other countries to watch it. Pastor Chris is hoping that many people will watch the channel and be convinced that they need God in their lives through it.

The work that Chris has done all through the years has been great, and starting Haven Nation was an ambitious task. It is not easy to get something like that up and running, as he wanted to bring many people together to help encourage them in their faith, but he was able to do it. He is determined in everything that he does, and he knows that he must work hard to get the message of Christ out there. So, he has worked hard to make Haven Nation something that people want to come and attend. And many people have gathered together to hear people speak and to be encouraged in their faith and the way that they are living. The speakers spoke on the callings of those who attended Haven Nation, and that helped to fill them with hope. Chris is all about spreading hope, and he is happy with the outcome of Haven Nation