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A lot of people might not be aware of what a back connect proxy is and the potential of the same. Those people who know about back connect proxies are sometimes skeptical of its use, owing to its unpredictability. In reality, there is absolutely nothing to worry about as these kinds of proxies can allow you to scrape data from search engines or even the web without the risk of your IP address getting blocked.

Backconnect proxies are discretion at its best and provide the kind of anonymity that makes you almost invisible. Since there are thousands of IP addresses bouncing off your address, the likelihood of you being discovered is almost close to NIL.

How does a normal proxy work?

A proxy is essentially a web server that sits between you and the website you want to reach. The process of connecting to a website starts with you sending a request from your browser. The request is transmitted through the modem and the router to a street router to a regional router to an ISP server to a larger internet base and then in the reverse order, to the location you server is connected to A proxy server sits somewhere in a foreign country,
so the connection can be transmitted through countries, oceans, satellites and then finally find its way back to you.

When you’re using a proxy, the request is sent from your computer, passing through a bunch of routers until it reaches your proxy. The proxy may or may not remove some data from your request, add some data of its own and sends it to the website. While the website server answers the request from the proxy, it records the altered data rather than the original data and then relays it back through the proxy server to your computer.

How does a Backconnect proxy work?

The difference between a normal proxy and a Backconnect proxy is that a Backconnect proxy does not work as a single proxy server machine. Instead, it is a combination of different machines and different configurations. Let us understand how it works.

The purpose of a Backconnect proxy is to make your IP and referrer data almost inaccessible. If you use a normal proxy server, your connection changes from one point to another point. For example- if you are using a small pool of proxies, it changes periodically which means it will change from B to C to D.

The disadvantage with this is that it changes in a predictable pattern or cycle which can be monitored. With a Backconnect proxy, every time you send a connection, the proxy server connection changes. This implies that with each and every action you take, your proxy connection changes.

For example- If youtype in, connection A will direct you to yahoo’s home page. If you type in a searchquery, connection B sends it out and connection C brings it to you. Similarly, with a corresponding action comes a corresponding change in proxy server connection.

The Benefits of using a Backconnect proxy

One of the main advantages of using a Backconnect proxy is zero restriction on rate limits. All the popular and most visited websites like Google, Amazon or any other site you want to scrape data from, would impose a rate limit on a particular IP.

For example- if Google sees too many connections coming from a particular server, they will put a captcha on any
further action. (Rate limiting is the process of control the rate of traffic or data being sent out or received from a single network)

With a Backconnect proxy, you are essentially using a different server every time you perform an action. You can use a number of softwares such as Xrumer, Scrapebox, Zenno Poster or GSA Ranker to be free of rate limiting.
Every connection you make will go through a different connection or port, making it almost impossible for Google to group all of them together to impose any kind of rate limit. Even if they identify and impose a rate limit on one particular IP, it doesn’t matter because the next connection request is sent from a different IP.

There are some Backconnect proxies providers like Microleaves that have a huge database of available proxies with tens of thousands being used almost every day. These providers allow you to “be present” in different parts of the world, remove unwanted connections and still provide support for various protocols.

Drawbacks of using Backconnect proxy

Since a Backconnect proxy uses hundreds and thousands of different connections, it is extremely expensive.
The second major disadvantage is no particular guarantee on the degree of quality you can expect.
Since there are multiple connections supporting your server, some connections could be fast and some could be slow and some might even be banned by the service you’re trying to access.Since you have no idea of the pattern your Backconnect proxy could be following, there is very little you can do to control this.

Buying Backconnect proxies through a reliable supplier

Typically when you are making an investment such as this one, you would tend to opt for the most trusted supplier. These suppliers are reliable and offer you the best-quality products. It is important to think about longevity when it comes to buying services such as Backconnect proxies, depending on the kind of use you require.

It is important to understand the nuances of the Backconnect proxies before making any purchase to also understand the ethical standards imposed by Google for scraping data. However, the exclusivity of the
campaigns that you can experience is what will give you confidence.

Microleaves provide common and well known proxy servers. With a database of close to 26 million IP’s, this is easily one of the most trusted services available. The 2 main types of proxy servers which are HTTP/S and SOCKS 4/5 are readily available with Microleaves.

HTTP is the standard proxy server and any software which can use a proxy can use HTTP. Although SOCKS is less popular than HTTP and a lot of software’s don’t really support it, it is considered to be stronger because it can support a huge load of traffic to send through a proxy server.

Backconnect proxies meet all the standards required for a high-quality reliable service. Its USP lies in its wide application field ranging from data mining to security to data scraping.


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